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St. John Paul II Catholic High School Class of 2023 earns over $12.7 million in scholarships and grants

The St. John Paul II Catholic High School (JPII) Class of 2023 earned $12,716,416 in scholarships and grants with 100% college acceptance. They provided 8,920 service hours to the Huntsville community. The class included one National Merit Finalist, one College Board National African American Scholar, five National Merit Commended Scholars, five College Board National Hispanic Scholars, three appointments to Military Service Academies, and six collegiate student-athletes.

The Bishop’s Yrophy was awarded to Bridget Rose Yee. The trophy is the highest honor a graduating senior enrolled in a diocesan high school can receive from the Diocese of Birmingham. The recipient must exhibit the highest standards of scholarship, character, and school spirit. Academically, the student must be among the top five of the class.

The Alice I. Hession Academic Award was awarded to Joseph Tyler Lawrence. The Alice I. Hession Academic Award honors the school’s founding principal, who displayed a commitment to academic growth and challenged the community to excellence. The recipient demonstrates model scholarship, ardent work, and excellence in academics.

The Brother Benedict Stoegbauer, S.D.S., Community Service Award was awarded to Anna Katherine Jones. The Brother Benedict Stoegbauer, S.D.S., Community Service Award honors a man who served our school with dedicated service in a spirit of humility from its inception in 1996 until his retirement in 2011. The recipient demonstrates a heartfelt commitment to outstanding service to the community.

The Reverend Louis Giardino Religion Award was awarded to Townley Alyce Hayes. The Reverend Louis Giardino Religion Award honors one of the founding pastors of the school, who served among its most ardent supporters. Father Louis challenged North Alabama Catholics to make an ongoing commitment to increasing and deepening the faith of the school and all those touched by its mission. The recipient has had the most significant impact on the faith community of St. John Paul II Catholic High School.

The Linda Bifulco Athletic Award was awarded to Paul Bryan Andrzejewski, Jr., and Abigail Jay Laue. The Linda Bifulco Athletic Award honors the school’s first athletic director. Bifulco served the school as a booster club member and school board representative. The recipients are student athletes recognized for achievements in multiple sports and best exemplifying our school’s commitment to fair play with a winning spirit.

The Edward Manlove Falcon Flight Award was awarded to William Lachlan Pacello and Camryn Belin Peters. The Edward Manlove Falcon Flight Award honors the first chair of the school’s Board of Trustees and a man who devoted many hours of service to St. John Paul II Catholic High School. The recipients have demonstrated strength of character and have willingly embraced the school’s motto, “to learn enthusiastically, lead honorably, and live responsibly.”

The Dana Bathurst Fine Arts Award was awarded to Kathleen ThĂ©rĂšse-Marie Bechen. The Dana Bathurst Fine Arts Award honors the founding member of the visual arts program, who guided the growth of the curriculum and inspired students to create works of art reflecting the beauty of God’s creation. The recipient embraces a spirit of creativity and has achieved a high level of excellence in the visual and performing fine arts.

The Class of 2023 includes: Paul Bryan Andrzejewski, Jr., Emil Averbeck, Jorge Luis Avila, Jared Ray Batchelor, Kathleen ThérÚse-Marie Bechen, Luke Choate Blakely, Allie Renee Borucki, Nolan Michael Reagan Boyajian, Annabelle Grace Bryars, Lillian Abigail Butler, Paul Anthony Caplin, Brendan Michael Caruso, Abigail Marie Chiskowski, Jessica Lauren Eve Cianfaglione, Michael Wayne Cole, Kyrie Annamarie Culbertson, Mary Frances Custodio, John Thomas Daly, Aidan Elijah Densmore, Evelyn Grace Detwiler, Joseph Christopher Doktor, Michael Joseph Duffy, Oscar Warren Earhart, Cameron Rose Edger, Julian Alec Faulds, Katie Fernandez Bucio, Abigail Flores-Contreras, Julia Anne Freestone, Jenifer Garcia, Michelle Garcia, Veronica Katiri Geiger, Patrick Joseph Grelier, Ronald Guzman, Catherine Marie Hare, Gabriel Wayne Harris, Payton Wade Harris, Townley Alyce Hayes, Jackson Monroe Herman, Victoria Ann Hibbs, Katherine Marie Hill, Cody Charles Johnson, Anna Katherine Jones, Ian Chase Jones, Lucas Lange, Abigail Jay Laue, Jaclyn Rene Laue, Joseph Tyler Lawrence, Caden Christopher Lones, Federico Martín Mamone, Isabel Winn Martin, Lorena Catyana Martinez-Luna, Daniel John Marx, Dayana Lisset Mendoza Rosal, Kinsey Lee Merta, Mya Shelton Miller, Rylan Templa Morris, Daniel Michael Nobbley, Madeline Grace Nuñez, James Paul William Ogle, Mark Alexander Olin, William Lachlan Pacello, Zoe Nicole Patin, Michael Aneillo Pellegrino, Rosa Peña Segura, Camryn Belin Peters, Ashlyn Rebecca Plott, William Thomas Reid, Abraham Allen Reitmeier, Rebecca Leigh Rooney, Hannah Alyssa Saramosing, Evelynn Segura-Coria, Evan Thomas Shoemaker, Nicholas Claude Songy, John Thomas Stokes, Carson Christopher Sturgis, Steven Douglas Taylor, Jr., Natalie Elizabeth Tedesco, Benjamin George Theodoss, Skyler Tamera Townsend, Margaret Biel Trudell, Pauline Vollmer, Sydney Elise Woods, Braden Thomas Wright, and Bridget Rose Yee.

Students with Service appointment and ROTC include Paul Bryan Andrzejewski, Jr. and Benjamin George Theodoss, USMA at West Point; Jessica Lauren Eve Cianfaglione, US Air Force Academy; Annabelle Grace Bryars, US Air Force ROTC; and Joseph Tyler Lawrence, US Army ROTC.

The top ten students of the class were Zoe Nicole Patin, Benjamin George Theodoss, Bridget Rose Yee, Joseph Tyler Lawrence, Mary Frances Custodio, William Thomas Reid, Evelyn Grace Detwiler, Joseph Christopher Doktor, Lillian Abigail Butler, and Catherine Hare.