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St. Bernard Preparatory School celebrates the dedication of senior class leaders

On Thursday, Nov. 9, St. Bernard Preparatory School held the Senior Dedication Mass of 2023-24. Abbot Marcus Voss of St. Bernard Abbey presided at the Mass and presented crosses to each of the eighteen seniors, symbolizing their commitment to uphold the principles of St. Bernard Preparatory School.

In his remarks, Abbot Marcus challenged the seniors to be leaders. “Seniors, we recognize your pivotal role as campus leaders, setting the tone and example for others to follow. You are called upon to lead lives of service, guiding your fellow students and contributing to the school's community.  As you embark on this journey of leadership, we urge you to be the best of leaders. Cherish the memories of your years at St. Bernard Prep. Stay united with one another and with this cherished institution, carrying the values you have learned here into the future.”

Headmaster Phuong Nguyen joined the ceremony, individually acknowledging each member of the senior class, alongside the faculty and staff. Addressing the assembled, Nguyen expressed the school's collective hope for the seniors: "May God's blessings accompany you as you step into the role of leaders, upholding the rich tradition of St. Bernard. Let the legacy of our institution guide your path."

Father Joel, president of the school, as well as the faculty and staff, echoed this sentiment, affirming the school's confidence in the seniors' abilities to carry the St. Bernard tradition forward. Abbot Marcus Voss bestowed his blessings upon the seniors, underscoring the importance of cherishing their memories at St. Bernard. 

Abbot Marcus concluded by saying, "We love you, and God loves you. May His abundant blessings accompany you, illuminating your future endeavors. May God bless you abundantly so that in all your endeavors, His glory may shine through.” 

Class President Caroline Sidley responded to the blessing with thanks and pledged the seniors’ commitment to the school and to being leaders of the community.

Following the Mass, a luncheon reception was held for the seniors and their family members present.