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Honoring and remembering bravery

On May 7, John Carroll Catholic High School was proud to honor four exceptional members of our Cavalier community. In 1964, Robert C. Smith '66, Fred Tyson '67, Diane Tucker Murphy '67, and Madeliene Humphrey Dobbins '66, who was unable to attend, became the first black students to integrate into the school. A pink dogwood tree was planted at the front of the school to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this significant moment not only in the school’s history but also in the city's history and to honor these four individuals' bravery. On Sept. 1, the school will host a special ceremony to unveil a plaque that will be placed alongside the tree. Amy Peterson '01 and Robert Schmalz '73 played a major role as part of the 50th anniversary committee and Triple Care, LLC selected the tree. Also present for the ceremony were Alumni Director Mike Bouton and Principal Ronald Steele.