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Diocese to hold Migrant and Refugee Mass at the Cathedral

In anticipation of the World Day of Prayer for Migrants and Refugees later this year, the Diocese of Birmingham will hold a Migrant and Refugee Mass on June 2 at 7 p.m. at the Cathedral of St. Paul. Bishop Raica will be the celebrant.

In a letter to the faithful of the diocese regarding the Mass, Bishop Raica wrote, ‚ÄúThe Catholic Church globally, including the Diocese of Birmingham¬†locally, has¬†consistently¬†urged all nations to protect the lives and dignities of¬†all¬†migrants¬†as well as to work towards¬†establishing¬†orderly¬†and just¬†immigration systems.¬†We know that here in¬†our own diocese, the¬†effects¬†of¬†migrants¬†from¬†various¬†nations¬†having to flee¬†because of¬†dire poverty¬†and/or¬†astonishing¬†degrees of¬†violence have¬†directly impacted many of our own communities.‚ÄĚ

The bishop urged the faithful to pray for progress within the immigration system and for hearts to be changed and policies to be enacted. He concluded, ‚ÄúThe Diocese of Birmingham is both blessed and honored by the presence of so many migrants and refugees from around the world. It¬†is my hope that¬†many from these various communities will be¬†represented among other members of the faithful at this special Mass as we¬†pray¬†that¬†our¬†desire to be¬†a¬†unified Body of Christ¬†may¬†soon¬†be realized.‚ÄĚ