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 | By Adam Cross

Unread Messages…from God

Social media and technology allow us to hear people’s voices, opinions and thoughts at just a touch of a screen. We can talk to our best friends and family and hear them clearly from thousands of miles away. So if we can speak and talk to so many people so easily, why is it hard at times to hear God’s voice?


Don’t need an app

God’s voice can feel so far away, but as Catholics we believe something pretty radical. We believe that the ability to hear God speak is not only possible, but that it's built into our identity. When you are baptized, you become a son or daughter of the heavenly Father. This means that you are able to hear the Father’s voice as his child. God, as a loving Father, speaks with peace and love and we don’t need a smartphone, a TikTok account or Wi-Fi to tune into it.

A great connection

When listening to God’s voice, we have to remember that God is the perfect Father who listens and speaks with love. God speaks to build us up, not tear us down. Our heavenly Father is not silent, or short-tempered, but patient and loving. He gives us some really great news through real and tangible ways.

  • Not just an old book. The Bible is the word of God. God has inspired it and it is the “Good News” that we need in our daily lives. God is speaking directly to you in real ways whenever you read or hear the Bible. We can ask these questions when praying with Scripture: What stands out to me from this passage? What is God speaking to me here?
  • Message you can see. Jesus gave us his Church and the sacraments. So often we can look at Mass as a boring thing to get through, and we can miss that the sacraments are tangible gifts of God’s grace and love for us, and that he is speaking clearly through them. We can intentionally listen to what God is speaking through the readings, homilies, prayers and when we receive Jesus in the Eucharist. Every time we go to Mass, confession, a baptism, or a wedding, we can ask bravely: Lord, what do you want me to know through your Church?
  • The royal family. Embracing our identity as beloved children of God also means recognizing that our brothers and sisters in faith can hear his voice as well! God speaks through your family, friends, youth minister, teachers and mentors with messages of peace, truth and love.
  • Thoughts matter. Finally, God speaks to you through your thoughts. Sometimes a random passage of Scripture might come to mind – an inspiration, an uplifting image or a sense of peace. He speaks with a gentle, loving whisper and we can hear his voice clearly speaking into our daily thoughts and ideas.

Good fruit

In Scripture Christ tells us that we will know a tree by its fruit. When listening for God’s voice, we have to remember that his words will never tear us down. He is the perfect, loving Father and he speaks peace to his children. If what we receive is bad fruit – something negative, uncharitable, contradicting Scripture or the Church in any way – it is not from God. If we want feedback on what we are receiving in prayer, we can turn to our youth minister, priest or another spiritual mentor.

Remember that God is longing to speak to you through his word, his Church and his children. Invite him in, remember your identity as the beloved, and hear the Good News and peace that our heavenly Father is pouring out upon you each and every day!

Adam Cross is a licensed marriage and family therapist in California, and he worked as a youth minister at his local parish for 8 years. Adam loves to integrate the Catholic faith into his therapy practice.

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