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Revitalizing mission through strategic stewardship

Chancery undergoes restructuring

On Feb. 9, Bishop Steven J. Raica released a statement regarding the organizational restructuring of the Chancery. Offices involved were the Offices of Evangelization and Faith Formation, the Office of Sacred Liturgy, and General Services. The complete text of the bishop’s statement follows herein.

Throughout the past three and a half years, great effort has been invested across our diocese in assessing the needs of our parishes, our schools, and ministries, with a concerted desire to align the work of our diocesan offices accordingly. From our survey of all priests of the diocese in 2020, to overarching themes from the synodal process, to a full diocesan review last year, input and valuable insights have been provided by more than 500 clergy and laypersons.

Also, during that time, our Chancery offices experienced significant financial challenges resulting in necessary restrictions on program expenses. Even while meeting our annual goals for our Catholic Charities campaign, our expenses far outpaced revenue in recent years. As good stewards, we must live within the financial generosity provided by the people of our diocese.

Our years-long assessments, combined with the need for creative solutions to our increasing financial disparity, have necessitated 1) a re-envisioning of the administrative and pastoral services offered by our diocesan offices; 2) how those services are delivered; and 3) a restructuring of our Chancery organization to align mission with available resources in the best possible way.

This week a difficult step in that process was taken.

Our restructuring also includes a reduction and reorganization of our workforce. Departments and offices undergoing significant restructure and where individuals whose positions are impacted by the reorganization in workforce, include: Office of Evangelization and Faith Formation, Office of Sacred Liturgy, and General Services.

The final day of service for individuals whose positions are impacted will be Friday, February 23, 2024. I encourage all in our Chancery and diocese to offer any assistance possible to these colleagues and to lift them and their families up in prayer. Further, I ask all to join me in expressing deep gratitude for their ministerial achievements, especially in what they have accomplished during their tenure to further the mission of Christ in our diocesan community. To a person, each has had an extraordinary devotion to our Lord and dedication to those they served.

While there will be a temporary pause in providing the ministries and services of those offices listed above, a new structure will be put in place as soon as possible to resume assisting in these areas by means of re-envisioned positions. In the meantime, I ask for patience and understanding during this period. Additional details and indications will be forthcoming as to how we will concretely deliver a full range of diocesan pastoral services based on our mission priorities and good stewardship of available resources.