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Mother general and delegates visit the Reparatrix Sisters at Resurrection Chapel in Moulton

The parishioners of Resurrection Catholic Chapel in Moulton and the Reparatrix Sisters of the Sacred Heart, a religious institute of the pontifical right, were extremely pleased to welcome the mother general, secretary general, and the delegate of Latin America on their recent canonical visit in mid-June.

Mother General Sour Tina Salierno, Secretary General Sour Juliet Kunnapilly, and Delegate of Latin America Sour Alma Perez of the Repartrix Sisters of the Sacred Heart traveled from Rome to visit the chapel and the diocese. 

Since their assignment to Resurrection Chapel by Bishop Raica over the past year, the Reparatrix Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus have contributed greatly to the explosive growth of the rural parish, especially among the Latin community. The chapel has two Masses every Sunday: 3 p.m. Spanish and 5 p.m. English. Before each Mass, confession is held and a Rosary is prayed. Benediction is also held prior to the English Mass.

"We are a very close-knit parish community at Resurrection Chapel,” remarked Deacon Rick Chenault, Sr., administrator of Resurrection Chapel. “Our English-speaking community has welcomed with open arms our growing Latin community,” he continued. “With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the hard work of Marynell Morris, newly enrolled apostle and 3rd Order of the Repartratix Sisters; Deacon Bob Catanach, director of evangelization of the chapel; Sister Teresa E. Perol, teacher and First Communion instructor; and Sister Cecilia S. Corpus, DRE and music director, our parish community and our religious education program are growing exponentially and most importantly bringing the sacraments to many families and individuals who had previously fallen through the cracks.

Deacon Chenault went on to explain that Lawrence County, although a very rural county, is attracting many from the Latin community with strong Catholic and family values. The deacon said it is a “wonderful place to settle down and buy a few acres of land to raise a garden and a family.” Strong faith, strong family values, and a strong work ethic are traits of the Latin community and are what's needed in modern society.

“We are so blessed to have these wonderful sisters and all of this growth in our religious education, parish ministry and outreach,” said Deacon Chenault. The Reparatrix Sisters of the Sacred Heart promote Christian education of the young, catechesis, parochial assistance, liturgical animation, and assistance to the poor and the elderly. Their order was founded in 1875 in Naples, Italy and has 310 religious sisters currently. The Reparatrix Sisters at Resurrection Chapel are the first sisters to be assigned in the United States since the founding of the order.

In short, God has blessed the parishioners of the chapel tremendously. To learn more about the chapel, please visit