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Meeting a challenge: making an impact

In January, Margaret Dubose, superintendent of Catholic schools for the Diocese of Birmingham, asked the faithful to help her meet a challenge. The challenge in question directly affects the Faith in Education Endowment, which grants awards to diocesan schools. Through a year of generous giving to the endowment, local schools such as St. Ann Catholic School in Decatur was able to create an outdoor garden and Our Lady of the Valley Catholic School in Birmingham implemented Education in Virtue curriculum.

To help expand grant opportunities for 2024, a donor generously offered a matching donation challenge to the Faith in Education Endowment, pledging a $25,000 gift. If the initial $25,000 can be matched by the last day of the annual Catholic Schools Week, Feb. 3, the donor will add another $25,000 to the endowment, which translates into the Faith in Education Endowment growing by $75,000 for use toward new grants to our schools in Fall 2024. The match is only $3,827 away.

To help make the match a reality, please call 205-838-8322 or visit