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Mathematician offers insight into Knot Theory at St. Bernard Prep

St. Bernard Preparatory School was honored to welcome mathematician Dr. Christine Ruey Shan Lee on Thursday, March 7, as she delved into the fascinating realm of Knot Theory with students. Dr. Lee, holding a prestigious doctorate in mathematics from Michigan State University, brought her wealth of expertise and passion for the subject to engage and inspire the young minds at St. Bernard Prep.

Knot Theory, a lesser-known yet captivating field of mathematics, captivated the audience as Dr. Lee skillfully unraveled its complexities. Drawing from her extensive research background, Dr. Lee illuminated the practical applications and theoretical underpinnings of Knot Theory, igniting curiosity among students.

In a thought-provoking reflection, Dr. Lee highlighted the profound impact of mathematics on modern innovations, citing the example of Google's inception. She underscored how the search engine giant's algorithms and web usage mechanisms stemmed from a century-old theorem, emphasizing the enduring relevance and transformative power of mathematical principles.

Reflecting on her own journey, Dr. Lee candidly shared her personal evolution from a high school student disenchanted with math to a passionate advocate for its exploration. "Since 2011, I have been intrigued by the intricate beauty of mathematics," remarked Dr. Lee, urging students to embrace curiosity and perseverance in their academic pursuits.

The interactive session saw students eagerly participating, posing insightful questions, and engaging in lively discussions as they absorbed Dr. Lee's insights. With her dynamic teaching style and knack for demystifying complex concepts, Dr. Lee left an indelible impression, sparking a newfound appreciation for Knot Theory and mathematics as a whole among the St. Bernard Prep community.

Dr. Lee is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Mathematics at Texas State University and conducts mathematical research.