Do We Know the Way?

Do We Know the Way?

On Friday, May 13, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, Bishop Raica celebrated Mass at St. Rose Academy in Birmingham. The school was holding a day of recognition of grandparents and a May Crowning. The complete text of his homily follows herein.

My friends here at St. Rose Academy, on this day, May 13, we commemorate Our Lady of Fatima, who appeared to three shepherd children in Portugal in 1917. Its message is simple – conversion of heart, repentance from sin, and a dedication to the Blessed Virgin Mary through praying the Rosary.

It is also the day when we think about our own journey as Christians. Do we know the way? How can we know the way? Our Lady of Fatima gives us a way, too, because when we look at her, we also see her Son, Jesus, who is the Savior of the world. We see Jesus. We see in Him, the hope of the world and for us.

What is given to us is a path – not just a long list of things to do to keep track of or to keep us busy. What is given to us is a person: Jesus, Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. When we stay close to Jesus, we will always find our way toward the good, true, and beautiful. We will attach ourselves to the fullness of life.

Our grandparents, who are here today, help us because they have the wisdom of age and experience to share with us what is really important.

For that reason, they walk with us when we are unsure as we look for a point of reference. Their life experience can tell us, “Don’t be afraid. We know Jesus and His mother!”

Jesus tells us that He has a plan for us. He says, “I’m going to prepare a place for you!” How beautiful! What will my room be like that Jesus is preparing for me? What is the place that is waiting for me?

In the meantime, we proclaim the Gospel – the Good News to you – the Word of salvation. Jesus died, just like all of us will! But, He rose from the dead, unlike everyone else: He opened up the hope that we can live forever. He lives and promises us that if we stay close to Him, we will live forever, too, with Him. This place is not a place of sadness. No, it is a place of great joy and happiness because we will be with Him and His mother, Mary, and all the saints with hearts full of love and joy.

This is our hope! May we open our ears, our hearts, our minds to receive and embrace this Good News. May God bless you all.