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Catholic Schools Office releases annual report for 2022

Earlier this year, the Catholic Schools Office of the Diocese of Birmingham released an annual report, taking a closer look into the measure of success. The report evaluates success in the classroom, in athletics, in the arts, and, most importantly, in building a foundation of faith.

To truly measure success, the Catholic Schools Office asked: “What are the true measures of success? Can it be fully measured in the here and now, or does it only become evident later in life, or even beyond this existence?”

The first part of the answer is shared in the report, highlighting some of the worldly measures of data, scores, and accolades related to academics, athletics, and the arts. The second, and more important, part of the answer features a clear focus on learning and living a life centered on Jesus, building upon the virtues of faith, hope, and love.

Undoubtedly, the dedicated teachers, staff, parents, and volunteers who serve diocesan schools nurture this “complete measure” of success for far-reaching influence in students’ lives.

Speaking to all who support Catholic schools, Superintendent of Schools Margaret Dubose remarked, “Thank you for your prayers for our schools and all those who play a part in educating and forming our young people. We gratefully share with you our report and the opportunity to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to take their place in their families, their work, and our Church.”

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