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Being Christ to Others: Vocations

Being Christ to Others: Vocations

Catholic Charities & Communities Annual Appeal

What does vocation mean in the Catholic Church?

We all have a calling, or the life God wants us to live. In the Church, this calling is commonly referred to as our vocation. A vocation can be to the married life, the single life, the religious life, or the ordained life. Each one of us are invited by God to live a particular vocation. By living out our baptismal call to follow and imitate Jesus, we can discover the vocation He is calling us to live.

The Vocations Office of the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama promotes priestly vocations through discernment opportunities and coordination with lay organizations within the diocese. The Vocations Office assists the bishop in fostering the formation of men who are preparing for the diocesan priesthood.

Thankfully, we are seeing tremendous responses from young men in our diocese who are hearing the call of God toward the priesthood. But, we need many more seminarians in training to care for our parishes for decades to come.

A portion of every dollar you donate to Catholic Charities and Communities helps fund recruitment and education of our future clergy.

Furthermore, through the love and generosity of thousands of donors throughout our diocese, lives are changed every day by the financial assistance for rent, utilities, medicine, clothing, food, baby formula and diapers and counseling services for children and parents, made available to all.

“Within each person we meet, there is someone looking to be found, to be loved, to be recognized. In so many ways, Jesus calls each of us to reach out to them, to share the love within our hearts, to share Him Who dwells within us,” said Bishop Steven Raica in his recent letter to Catholics throughout the Diocese of Birmingham. Supporting priestly and religious vocations through the Catholic Charities and Communities Annual Appeal is a meaningful way to answer that call.

Your pledge, your gifts, and your prayers impact people in your own community, in your own parish, and within your own family, right here in the Diocese of Birmingham.

You can answer the call by making your pledge now at, by mailing in your pledge card, or by bringing your pledge card to Mass on Pledge Sunday, Sept. 25.