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Being Christ to Others: Catholic Social Services

Being Christ to Others: Catholic Social Services

Catholic Charities and Communities Annual Appeal

Catholic Social Services is at the core of how our diocese ministers to people in need throughout central and northern Alabama. Those whose lives have been rocked by natural disasters, physical and mental illness, poverty, addiction; families facing seemingly insurmountable odds that line up against them; young and old slipping into spiritual and emotional isolation – all can find support through Catholic Centers of Concern, Catholic Family Services, Disaster and Relief Services, and Multicultural Services. 

Through the love and generosity of thousands of donors throughout our diocese, lives are changed every day by the financial assistance for rent, utilities, medicine, clothing, food, baby formula, and diapers and the counseling services for children and parents, made available to all.  

“Within each person we meet, there is someone looking to be found, to be loved, to be recognized. In so many ways, Jesus calls each of us to reach out to them, to share the love within our hearts, to share Him Who dwells within us,” said Bishop Steven Raica in his recent letter to Catholics throughout the Diocese of Birmingham. Supporting Catholic Social Services through the Catholic Charities and Communities Annual Appeal is a meaningful way to answer that call.

Your pledge, your gifts, and your prayers impact people in your own community, in your own parish, and within your own family, right here in the Diocese of Birmingham.

You can answer the call by making your pledge now at, by mailing in your pledge card, or by bringing your pledge card to Mass on Pledge Sunday, Sept. 25.